General Use Wipes

SABER General Use Wipes series are develop to meet the most important customer needs: durability, absorbency, sustainability, affordability and efficiency.

The result is a wide range of choices to meet various tasks, so no matter what you need, your industry, or your budget, you have the cleaning solutions you need to keep your standards high.

Disinfecting Wipes

SABER Disinfecting Wipes designed specifically to help disinfecting hard surfaces with multi-layer high performance material, to ensure its durability, low linting, and high absorbency. This innovative system enables you to create a custom hard surface wet wipes using the disinfectant or sanitizer of your choice.

Poly Wipes

SABER Poly Wipes is what you need for critical cleaning and finishing touch. This ultra-soft, thick wipes easily remove remaining residue, dirt particles, and fingerprints not necessarily visible to the eye. High absorbency with hydrocarbon and work great to apply solvent.


REION+ Multi Purpose Cloth is specifically designed for multi purpose cleaning in non-industrial segments. Made by 100% viscose fibers, absorb liquid (water, oil, sauce, etc) very well and pick up dirt easily. Washable under tap water in seconds only. Ideal for cleaning on hard surfaces (metal/stainless steel, glass, wood, plastic, etc) in the kitchen and home, office, hospitals, resto/café, etc.